Precip Totals…

300 PM PDT TUE OCT 28 2014

Precipitation totals from selected locations in the Pacific Northwest.

Location          ID         PRECIP
====================   =====       ======
Corbett Cw2654         C2654        4.65
Hoodsport Dw4784       D4784        2.48
Kent Al7li             AU566        2.43
Haywire Ridge Near     HWRW1        2.35
Humptullips            HUFW1        2.33
Matlock 3nw            MFDW1        2.31
West Fork Satsop Ri    WFSW1        1.96
Jefferson Creek        JEFW1        1.91
Lees Camp Rain Gaug    LEEO3        1.60
Humptulips Dw3348      D3348        1.52
Cushman Dam            CSHW1        1.50
Huckleberry Ridge      HKFW1        1.50
Uscrn Site At Olymp    QTCW1        1.49
Copalis Beac Dw1622    D1622        1.48
White Pass-top         WPS59        1.48
North Fork Skokomis    SKOW1        1.42
South Fork             SFKO3        1.40
Buckinghorse           BKHW1        1.40
Mount Baker            BAK42        1.37
Newberg K2po           AU458        1.35
Black Knob             BKBW1        1.35
Sheep Canyon           SHPW1        1.30
Paradise               AFSW1        1.30
Trinity                TRIW1        1.30
Shelton Wb7oxj         AP886        1.26
Shelton Sanderson F    KSHN         1.25
Abernathy Mtn.         ABNW1        1.24
Toms Creek             TOFW1        1.23
Paradise-mt. Rainie    PVC55        1.21
Ocean Shores Dw0707    D0707        1.19
Minot Peak             MIPW1        1.12
Saddle Mountain        SDMO3        1.10
Mt. Hebo Hebowx        AR658        1.10
June Lake              MRBW1        1.10
Jewell Wildlife Mea    JELO3        1.10
Marten Ridge           MRTW1        1.10
Kenmore Cw0325         C0325        1.01
Tinkham Creek          TKSW1        1.00
Swift Creek            SWCW1        1.00
Nehalem River Near     FSSO3        1.00
Mount Gardner          MGSW1        1.00
Ariel Dw4453           D4453         .99
Aberdeen Ew0868        E0868         .98
Snoqualmie Pass        SNO30         .98
Rock Creek Weyerhea    RKCW1         .94
Spencer Meadow         SPMW1         .90
Aberdeen Dw7098        D7098         .90
Alpine Meadows         APSW1         .90
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