Welcome to Weather NorthWest

Welcome to Weather NorthWest where we don’t just forecast the weather – we provide meteorological solutions! Is your business or activity sensitive to weather? Let us show you how to minimize the impact of weather and at the same time maximize your impact. No matter what the weather.

                    Need specialized weather information? Let Weather NorthWest provide a solution for you!


Weather NorthWest provides meteorological and air and water quality consulting services to utilities, industries, businesses, government agencies, municipalities, insurance firms, agricultural interests and attorneys. WXNW teams with engineering organizations and other environmental firms in joint undertakings. Our specialties are developing environmental information for our client’s decision-making.

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There is an unprecedented amount of weather information on the web today, in some cases too much information. It can be difficult to wade through a multitude of weather sites trying to find that one piece of the puzzle that allows informed and accurate decision-making. That’s where Weather NorthWest comes in!

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Custom Maps/Charts:

Weather NorthWest has an ever-expanding menu of graphical weather products produced for our own forecasting needs and for our clients. These include standard weather maps, but with custom coverage (example: a 500mb chart covering the eastern Pacific and the western US), custom weather charts (example: a time/temperature graph of ensemble 850 temperatures out to 15 days) and hybred charts (example: regional surface plots overlayed with RAP surface isobars at 1mb intervals). We may already be producing a graphic that meets your weather needs.

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